Advice on M&A Processes

We advise on one of the most important processes in the life of an entrepreneur and the company: the moment of its sale. We get involved in the process, teaming up with the property, helping to establish a negotiating framework that is the most beneficial for the entrepreneur.


Strategic Consulting

We collaborate in the identification of the problems, barriers or obstacles of a company to obtain the result that matches the expectations of the partners and owners.

We examine the competitive framework of the company and help improve its position in it.

Planes de Negocio

Business Plans

We are committed and involved in the strategic reflection of the entrepreneur, we elaborate the most appropriate business plan to the business needs and we contribute to the decision making according to the most relevant criteria.

We are personally involved in the design, execution and monitoring of projects.


Financial Valuation

We prepare the "Financial Valuation Book" of a company using the methods most supported by the financial community: EBITDA multiples, comparables and discounted flows.



We collaborate preparing the companies that give us their confidence to face, without disadvantages, one of the most important moments of their lives: the sale and divestment of their shareholders. We help identifying the essential aspects, both income statement and the balance sheet, that result in an improvement in the valuation of the company.


Fund Raising

We help companies obtain financing, mainly from private and non-bank investors, for their growth projects.

Both in capital inflow and in various debt formats.